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Also in 2020 Influencer Marketing will be a key tool. 

More and more companies are reserving an increasing part of their budgets for this area. Do you know which are the best categories in this sector? Fashion and Beauty.

Instagram continues to be the most useful tool, both for speed and easy accessibility of content.


Users are increasingly turning to social networks to discover new brands or products, following the advice of influencers. Unfortunately, the percentage of users who buy directly on social networks, although growing, is still relatively low.

So what are the strategies to be adopted to attract new customers thanks to influencers?

What are then the strategies to be adopted to attract new customers thanks to influencers?


Having an Instagram profile

This is the first step for the possible involvement of influencers in your own business project. Instagram is definitely the most suitable, fast, and intuitive tool to reach more audiences.


Focusing on the so-called micro-influencer too

Influencers with around 10,000 followers have a lower financial impact on the budget and let you reach several market niches.

Influencer marketing is not reserved exclusively to those having considerable resources, but focusing on micro-influencers can also lead small activities to success!


Ho wo choose the right influencer

The quality of the content, the type of follower but also the budget available are fundamental elements, which can determine the success or failure of a sponsorship.


Increasing video contents

Video content is growing strongly and we’ve seen how both Instagram and Tik Tok’s stories will be protagonists in 2020.


Discover when your influencers’ birthday is

Discovering a certain influencer’s birthday will allow you to send him/her a sample or product for the occasion. He/she will likely thank you on Instagram.

He may also thank you privately; in this case, it will be the beginning of a relationship that could evolve into a collaboration.


We hope that our tips will be useful to get the best from your sales!

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