You’ve finally launched your online store! Now, all you have to do is to funnel people to your website and boost your sales.

This means you should start creating a Digital Marketing strategy to drive more prospective buyers to your website, convert them into leads, and those leads into sales. Check out 3 of the most effective ways to promote your online store Gain more website traffic through Social media marketing, SEO, paid ads, email marketing.

These channels can help you with attracting more prospects and grow your sales.

1. Promote your Online Store on the most popular Social Media: Facebook & Instagram

  • Create your store’s Facebook page

Facebook is an excellent platform to publish and promote any content that links back to your website. Through your store’s Facebook page, you can share the new items available in your store, sales campaigns, or blog posts. To access a broader target audience, you could also boost your contents or run Facebook Ads.

  • Set up an Instagram account for your business

Once you have an Instagram business account, let people know who you are: add a bio and a branded profile photo. Do not forget to include a link to lead potential customers to your website.

It’s essential to make a great impression and entice people to follow your business. To engage followers, you have to create quality Instagram contents. Then, as for Facebook, you can promote posts you’ve shared or run your own Instagram ad campaign.

2. Focus on SEO to make it possible for people to find your online store via search engines

SEO stands for “search engine optimization,” which is the activity of driving traffic to your website from search engines like Google.

To SEO success, it is crucial to start with page optimizations and work on on-page and technical SEO and then research the right target keywords for SEO titles and URL, descriptions, headings, and images alt tags. To optimize your online store for

search engines, make sure you are following these best practices.

3. Use Email Marketing to connect with customers

Email is a high-performing channel to drive sales. That’s why you should start building your email list immediately by including an email subscription form on your website. Then, you can start sending your customers relevant and personalized messages at the right time. You have to greet the new subscribers with “welcome emails,” next send them “promotional emails” about new products, ongoing promotions, or deals. There are also different types of follow-up emails you can send to customers, such as a “thank you email” after purchasing products at your store.

According to digital marketing entrepreneur Neil Patel, email marketing is the most effective marketing channel.

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